Special Guests at Crippsmas Place

Here are the wonderful people and special groups who add to the festive atmosphere of Crippsmas Place, and When (schedule at bottom):

SANTA!!  He will visit on some evenings usually through Christmas eve (to be confirmed before December) to hear your holiday wishes for Christmas, and for free PHOTOS – just be sure your phone or camera is charged and working. Cancels for rainy evenings – can’t have the big guy get sick before the biggest night of the year!)

CAROLERSGroups including girl scouts provide the charm of holiday songs performed live. (Want to sign up? See the CAROLING page.)

CARSClassic Cruisers USA – This club promotes camaraderie and enthusiasm for the classics, custom automobiles and trucks to bring back memories of the past. This kind hearted group also regularly donates to Crippsmas Place.

BICYCLES: Kruz3r Mob of Newark, California is a fun-loving bicycle group who rides in with their cool bicycles all lit up pretty.

MOTORCYCLES: We also have groups of motorcycles sometimes, with lights and sometimes a Santa.  (If that includes your group, please let me know so I can give you props here on this page – call or e-mail me through the contact page please)


=> Fri Dec 8th (NOT officially open, but will greet Classic Cruisers after 5:15pm)

***SPECIAL VISITORS*** Classic Cruisers

=> Sat Dec 9

=> Sun Dec 10
6:30pm Girl Scout Troop 33718

=> Mon Dec 11

=> Tu Dec 12

=> Wed Dec 13
7:30-8pm Brookvale Ward Youth Choir

=> Th Dec 14

=> Fri Dec 15

=> Sat Dec 16

6-6:30pm Troop 33849

6:30pm Kruz3rMob Bicycles for their toy drive

=> Sun Dec 17

=> Mon Dec 18

=> Tu Dec 19

=> Wed Dec 20
6:30-7pm Troop 33719

=> Th Dec 21
7-7:30pm Girl Scout Troop 33434
7:30-8pm Girl Scout Troop 31353

=> Fri Dec 22

=> Sat Dec 23

=> Sun Dec 24

=> Mon Dec 25