Crippsmas Place is a Cheerful Neighborhood Display and Charity Fundraiser in north Fremont, California in the United States.

2013-09-22_mickey_crippsmas_sign*** CRIPPSMAS PLACE 2022 – Coronavirus Adaptions ***

* Yes Virginia, there will be Crippsmas Place this year!* 

Crippsmas Place 2022 will allow visitors to walk on the sidewalks or drive on the streets to see the decorations and lights.

There WILL be candy canes handed out from 6-10pm starting Saturday December 10 through Saturday December 25 (possibly later, TBD).

Those volunteers will be wearing masks and gloves as health precautions.

For visitors walking around Crippsmas Place – PLEASE WEAR FACE MASKS and do not unwrap candy canes until you are back in your vehicle or home.

We want our community to have a Healthy Holiday, not a COVID Crippsmas – Be Well. The charities will need your donations more than ever, so please do give online as well as giving cash donations to the volunteers handing out candy canes. Thank you!

Decorations will be up, and lit in the evenings 6-10pm

from December 10 to 31, 2022

*** Extending the show through New Year’s Eve!***

Donations to Crippsmas Place benefit our supported charities, listed below:


The 70+ homes of Crippsmas Place are on Cripps Place, Asquith Place, Nicolet Court, Wellington Place, and the stretch of Nicolet Avenue between Gibraltar Drive and Perkins Street.
Click below for the map:

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