Crippsmas Place is a Cheerful Neighborhood Display and Charity Fundraiser in north Fremont, California in the United States.

2013-09-22_mickey_crippsmas_sign*** CRIPPSMAS PLACE 2020 – Coronavirus Adaptions ***

* Yes Virginia, there will be Crippsmas Place this year!* 

For a Happy and Healthy Holiday –  

Crippsmas Place 2020 is Display Only and Drive Through 

(please remain in your vehicle)

We want our community to have a Healthy Holiday, not a COVID Crippsmas – Be Well.  The charities will need your donations more than ever, so please do give online. Thank you!

Decorations will be up, and lit in the evenings 6-10pm

from December 12 to 25, 2020


Donations to Crippsmas Place benefit our supported charities:

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